Assessment of Japanese Communitation Skills

Take the AJCS and get your Japanese communication Skills certified.

The AJCS is a spoken, interview-style communication exam.

After completing the exam, you will receive an official certification provided by the Global Japanese Learning Foundation.

Japanese Teacher Training and Certification

We provide classes and certification to native Japanese speakers who would like to be trained as Japanese Language Teachers.

Our courses will prepare you to teach basic, intermediate, and business-communication level Japanese courses to second-language Japanese speakers.

Cross Cultural Training

We help Japanese organizations to better understand  their international talent so that they can create a more fruitful working environment.

We do this by collecting and sharing demographic, quantitative and qualitative data about cross cultural working styles in Japanese organizations 

About us

Providing for a diversified set of Japanese learning needs

GJLF is established in order to help satisfy the varied needs of Japanese Language Instructors and their students globally.

How it works

How to take the assessment

Application can be finished online.

From application to certification – the process takes about 3 weeks. 

Apply here.


Apply for the AJCS

Click the apply button and provide us with your preferred date and time for the exam session.

Complete payment of your registration fee. After we have confirmed your payment – we will send you a scheduling confirmation.


Take the Interview Examination (AJCS)  

At your designated time – we will perform the assessment online.

We will send a confirmation email with exam instructions prior to the test.

We suggest using a Desktop or laptop computer as the test involves using a screen-sharing function in order to display the exam questions.


Get your AJCS result and get certified.

After taking the test, your result and certificate will be delivered within 3 weeks via email. 

Your Scoring Guidance will include:

1) Overall Score 

2) Speaking quality score

3 ) Assessment Feedback from the Exam Proctor

10 Scale Comprehensive score

Five different tasks are done during the 30 minute exam interview. 

3 Scale Speaking score 

Your speaking quality score is assessed by 3 Criteria

  • Communication Strategy
  • Fluency of Speech
  • Vocabulary Usage

Comments from tester

Personalized comments and feedback will be added on your certification

Whats included in the Assessment?

Your Assessment Certificate not only shows your score but also comments and suggestions for future Japanese study

Take the exam and assess your Japanese communication ability. Register now