About Us

The Global Japanese Learning Foundation (GJLF) was established in 2020 to contribute their specific knowledge to the field of Japanese Language Education.

We believe that there are a diverse set of needs for both Japanese Language Educators and students.

We believe that by contributing our skill-set and know-how as it relates to teaching spoken Japanese, we can better prepare Japan and those who wish to work and live in Japan for a globalized future.

Why did we create the Assessment of Japanese Communication Skills (AJCS)

Languages have 4 primary methods of communiucation ouput.  Reading, writing,  speaking and listening are all important components of the Japanese language.

Through our experiences – the standardized exam to measure Japanese language proficiency is currently the JLPT.

The JLPT is missing the important component of speaking – and due to its nature as a multiple choice examination – we feel that there is a need for a more personalized assessment tool to measure Japanese communication ability.

We believe creating a standard scale to be able to  assess Japanese Conversation skill will give students a clearer goal to improve their communication abilities and also it is essential for Japanese companies to recognize their communication level. 

Our hope is that by creating the AJCS – we will be able to empower Japanese learners, Japanese Educators, and Japanese Corporations to encourage and grow a global community of Japanese language communicators.

A message from the GJLF Director

Our dream is a Japanese society where you can live fully and be an important part of the culture. Living your own life with peace of mind, regardless of where you were born or raised. Our goal is to raise the bar of Japanese communication ability for non-native speakers. And our mission is to create a truly Global Japanese society.

Our wish is that everyone who has an interest in learning Japanese or living in Japan – will be able to communicate in Japanese.  And that they will be able to enjoy their time living in Japan. In order to accomplish this – we have formed the Global Japanese Learning Foundation.

We hope that the activities of this corporation will help those who are learning Japanese in the world and the Japanese language teachers who support it.


Representative Director
Yukiko Watanabe